When Human Rights Lawyers get it wrong, get out your multiplication table to count the cost


“We are equal only sometimes, unequal most times, different always.”

Human Rights lawyers focus on the singularity of human #rights and their #equality. They do not recognise their plurality, often their intrinsic in-equality and their diversity. Instead they legitimise the claims of those whose heraldic emblem is the Ego Rampant, their needs über alles.

With education  there are as many as half the cohort each year with rights other than those with a right  of equality of opportunity to Uni, not University destined.  Their right surely to a different curriculum that’s right for them, different exams and simply opportunity. Education should be about generating self-esteem for all, not a sense of failure for half.

Use your multiplication table to count the cost of getting it wrong.

We are now paying a terrible price for the pursuit of Equality without respect for difference and diversity.

Tens of thousands of NTAs recruited to help teachers cope with children with special needs regardless of expense, not needed in my day. Bullying still a curse, now cyberbullying too. Special needs kids always the most vulnerable. Many kids off-rolled or excluded to help school performance stats. Many medicated with Ritalin. Mental health problems abound. School disturbance logged by the hundred. Increasing drug and knife culture.Today’s Times – “£400m schools funding diverted ….with limited places in special schools there are more pupils in mainstream schools who need extensive support.” And skill shortages filled by raiding other countries.

There should be an alternative curriculum with an education in life skills, including music, the arts, culinary skills & dietary know-how. A conversational foreign language. Sport and fitness. The Internet and, yes, intelligent games. These are all squeezed out by the core curriculum. Not equal. Different. Schools for the kids, not the other way around. Lessons that they will look forward to.

Don’t aim to give every child equal worth. Simply recognise their intrinsic value – each one of them.

On the roads, as well as cyclists, other road users [98%]have their rights, better ones. They pay for them. Urban cycle lanes on narrow urban roads add to congestion, slow traffic and everyone’s right to clean air compromised and health and safety with it.

In the age-old tribal bloodbath that is the Middle East, as well as Palestinian Rights, Israelis with an existential right of self-defense when faced with an explicit threat of extinction.

Victim-hood is not the sole arbiter of human rights.

Fair play takes account of their plurality. Equality based on their singularity offers nothing. Worse. Here, talk of equality first raises hopes, then ever so slowly it shatters them, when it cannot deliver.

Apply this to the recent decision on the rights of a #vegan. Equality, yes, but unfair to others with their rights compromised by it to meet his expensive needs. OTT.



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