If only #cyclists had wings … amended for “Kafka’s Cycle” to be published in the autumn


… and everyone else could get their roads back 24/7. Better and safer all round. Clean air for them. No hills. No worry about ice and snow. No need for safety helmets Parachutes instead. Cycle as many abreast as they fancy. No red lights to run. No need to cycle on pavements. No curbs to hit. Racing allowed. No nasty lorries. No careless drivers. No prams and pedestrians. Cycling not just for mamils.

Pity about Icarus though.

By the way, I am not against cycling. I was once the proud owner of Raleigh. I cycled in all weathers every day uphill to school. Once it nearly killed me when my front wheel caught in tram track. Fortunately nothing was coming the other way! Cycled at University. I can still remember one ride in late evening in state of very merry intoxication. No helmets in those days. No huge lorries either. Today as a motorist I worry about safety of cyclists in narrow, busy, urban streets; and their health when they breathe in toxic fumes.

As I keep saying, planners always ignore human fallibility, everyone’s including their own.

The rights and responsibilities of all who use roads and pavements are all different, not equal, and safety provision should be reconciled with fair play for all and at justifiable and affordable cost.

And don’t forget responsibilities!


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