The real reason why 4050 children with special needs denied school places, and other losers as well

The BBC Headline is wrong

NO! NOT DUE TO SHORTAGE OF STATE FUNDS – Over 100 special schools in UK were closed because a small group of crusading zealots got the House of Lords to amend Labour’s 1976 Education Act to give meaningless human right to mainstream education to many children with special needs without research, without pilot schemes, without costing, against the wishes of the NUT and disability organisations at the time. didn’t do their homework first. No need to. It’s a human right. 

Mainstream education right for some but not for all. Good special schools stigmatised. Parents deceived. Mistake covered up for over 30 years.

MONEY HAS BEEN THROWN AT THIS TO TRY TO MAKE IT WORK. Thousands and thousands of Non-Teaching Assistants have been employed at over £15k per annum to give one-to-one help to assist teachers cope. The entire cost educating a child in a special school +/- £10k per annum plus the taxi to get them there. Wishful thinking, would-be politicians and their legal friends thought all you needed to do was to pass a law, create a human right, throw money at it – not theirs – and the world is then a beautiful place.

My latest post and the video on the Home page of my website will explain why there are these casualties, and many more losers who have places, bullied, parity of esteem Ho! Ho!, but self-esteem damaged, mental health problems, with teachers stressed, and other children caught up in the mess despite best endeavours.

Serious students of law, politics and sociology as well as teachers will find my website a treasure trove of information.

Yes, good intentions of Labour, but the road to Hell is paved with them. Read my last post as well as this one.



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