Play my tune, even if it’s not yours


Inclusion of children with special needs in mainstream schools fine for some, but not for all.

How long for the penny to drop – not their penny! Over forty years and it has still not dropped. 1976 – 2018

Civic vandalism closed over 100 special schools in UK.

Times Ed 16 Feb 2018 Addison Boddison boss of Nasen “lack of time is the biggest barrier to meeting needs of pupils.” The late Fredwyn Haynes inspired head teacher of Barbara Priestman School, special school in Sunderland, said to me twenty years ago “The one thing we can give our kids, that mainstream can’t, is time.” Never forgotten.

Also in Times Ed, Nancy Gedger, consultant teacher, “Let’s get over the idea that teaching SEND is somehow more difficult and complicated; scary even. But it is. With bullying, mental illness and even suicide making it worse. When will they let the stats tell the story?

Wishful thinkers got it wrong.

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